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RFID Market Segments

A growing number of companies recognize the plentitude of advantages RFID is offering to ease product tracking, optimize the flow of commodities and inventory management, prevent product counterfeiting, improve their processes and realize gains in efficiency.


Our product portfolio is characterized by the following assets:


  • The best performing products with proven reliability also in the most demanding applications.
  • Comprehensive market understanding and wide product portfolio ensure that customers’ needs are fulfilled.
  • Products are designed knowing the applications’ special demands. Over the years SMARTRAC inlays’ have always set the market standard to a new level.
  • Production sites for mass production in three continents ensure good product availability, reliable lead times and capability to answer fast changes in product demand.


Based on a proper organization supported by efficient tools and the right network of partners, SMARTRAC is able to supply significant volumes of high quality and reliable RFID transponders with competitive lead times that meet the committed delivery schedules. SMARTRAC is known for consistently delivering on time and at the level of quality the market expects. This is something customers rank as a top asset of SMARTRAC.


Based on our clear strategic focus, technology leadership and a lean, market-oriented organizational structure, SMARTRAC has developed from being a RFID inlay manufacturer into a leading global supplier of RFID transponders with a comprehensive and attractive product offering that suits all applications in the current RFID market and covers all current frequency standards – from Low Frequency (LF) to High Frequency (HF) and Ultra High Frequency (UHF).